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Students & Job Seekers

As a student or a new job seeker you have so many challenges that await you in the near future. You will find a very helpful partner in Writer’s World when it comes to managing your written documents like theses, dissertations, admission essays, resumes, cover letters etc. We have on our team people who have been on the other side of the admissions and recruitment table and know what is looked at in a student or a job seeker. Your essay or resume is your first platform of communicating with the people who will decide your future. Allow Writer’s World to make your first impact a lasting one.

If you need any of the following services, then come to Writer’s World:

Essay Critique- Increase your prospects by giving your essay to experts for their valuable feedback and advice

Essay Editing– Initiate the improvement process with the early drafts of your essay and personal statements. We will give you feedback on flow, structure, tone, word choice, grammar, and language

Essay Proofreading– Get your essay finalized and make it ready for submission as we will clean up any spelling, grammar, or typographical errors. We will also ensure that your citations and references are as per the required style guide

Dissertation, Proposal, Thesis Editing– Get feedback on your work in progress as we will review your draft for clarity, organization, tone, and other content issues

Dissertation, Proposal, Thesis Proofreading– You may have been given the go-ahead from your supervisor, but you should get your final draft proofread to check for any language, spelling, or typographical errors as well as formatting compliance

Resume Writing– Let us make your resume, cover letter, thank you letter etc impactful by just telling us about yourself and letting our specialist writers do the rest