Our services for

Authors & Creative Writers

Be it articles or manuscripts or blogs or scripts, we can help. Writer’s World has team members who are published authors, writers, and script writers. We know that any creative writing is always a labour of love that is very dear to the author. No matter how well people write, they usually face unexpected criticism and, sometimes, rejection from publishers and readers. Save yourself the dismay of being rejected because of poor editing or language. Use the expertise at Writer’s World to get unparalleled writing and editing support- essential for your success as a published author.

If you need any of the following services, then come to Writer’s World:

Article Writing– We can create articles (as per your guidelines) for different forums like journals, books, magazines, newspapers, websites etc

Manuscript Critique– Increase the prospects of your manuscript by giving it to experts for their valuable feedback and advice

Manuscript Editing– A detailed copy edit of your draft, including checks for language and suggestions on content

Manuscript Proofreading– Get the final draft carefully reviewed and checked for grammatical and typographical errors before submitting to a publisher

Blog Writing– Get your message and thoughts across in a creative and informal manner

Script Critique and Editing– Detailed editing and consistent formatting of your scripts for screen. Our team of experts will be perfect to bounce of your ideas with. We can also give you feedback and suggestions for improvement