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Chetan Bhagat


Mr. Chetan Bhagat, Author of several blockbuster books

Review published by the Asian Review of Books

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong



PJO Taylor


Mr. P.J.O Taylor, Famous British Historian


‘Co-Prosperity in Cross-Culturalism: Indians in Hong Kong’ is very well written but, much more than that, it is a comprehensive statement of the part that Indians have played, and are playing, in the life of the former colony. Comprehensive because not only does it give us the historical background to the presence of Indians in the great entrepôt which is called Hong Kong but also details the splendid range of their activities.

The cross-cultural aspect of the Indian-Chinese amalgam is well covered. The relationship between the two races, the inter-dependence that has developed, is all carefully delineated.

I commend the book whole-heartedly. Easy to read, but scholarly in approach, the work does great credit to its authors.


The Standard, Hong Kong

‘Co-Prosperity in Cross-Culturalism: Indians in Hong Kong’is a tribute to the varied contributions of the Indian community, past and present, to Hong Kong’s vibrant life and economy.

It offers very much a mixed selection of chapters….a general historical overview that traces the arrival and growth of the Indian community…..details of families and individuals and their contribution to Hong Kong life….a valuable chapter on the meeting of the two worlds, the interaction between two ancient civilizations.

The book covers an enormous amount of ground in a short space.

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